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Searching with Integrity, Compassion, and Perseverance.

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What We Do

During a rescue mission, each day, hour and minute are critical to maximizing the chances of finding a person alive. Inefficiencies in the search and rescue process, including lack of technology and specialized skills, poor or inefficient organization and delay or inequity in accessing resources can hamper rescue efforts and drastically reduce the chances of finding loved ones alive.


The Search Tech Advisory Team draws on real-world search and rescue experience, plus substantial technical expertise, to advise and support rescue efforts. Our on-the-ground team is based in the Hawaiian Islands, where we focus our efforts. Upon request and availability, we will provide tools like off-the-grid local communication for voice and data, and expertise on location to equip and train local communities in conducting an efficient and thorough search using the innovative technologies and practices we have developed.

Technology Support

Our command center software allows coordination of an efficient search effort, and is paired to a smartphone app which guides search teams to areas, clears zones and collects other important information, updating the command center in real time.

On-Location Support

The on-location expertise provided includes training on technology and tool use, best search and rescue practices, and coordination of volunteer efforts to ensure an efficient and effective search effort.

Online Support

We provide community engagement and outreach support, expertise, and training to keep hope alive and attract the local community to join the search effort. Strong community support is a critical component of a positive outcome.

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Our dedicated team is made up of experienced search and rescue professionals, who provide on-the-ground support in organizing search efforts, and technical experts in the fields of GPS and wireless communications, who aid in the effective implementation of technology to improve efficiency and thoroughness of searches.

The Search Tech Advisory team was founded upon the successful recovery of Amanda Eller after 17 days in the Hawaiian wilderness. Our team is composed of family and friends who were deeply touched by this rescue mission and wanted to give back by sharing the methodology and technology developed during this search in order to aid future missions and bring more loved ones back to their families.

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Get Involved

We rely on the support of local communities and volunteer efforts to conduct successful search and rescue missions. Want to join us in the next search?

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